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Trade Customers

Trade Customers

Producing chocolate Santas!We manufacture an excellent range of tasty retail products, but it does not stop there!

Trade Site

Plamil trade account customers receive discounted rates on total net case prices and free delivery (terms & conditions apply). Sign up to our trade site now!

Catering / Food service / Manufacturers

We produce a whole range of catering and food service/manufacturing size format of our retail products (see catering page). We also produce a range of products similar to our retail products but specifically formulated and supplied for catering, food service and manufacturers.

Producing chocolate drops!Are you in the UK?

Are you a Retailer, Wholesaler, Buying group, Caterer or manufacturer or any other company/organization - we would like to hear from you.

Outside of the UK?

Are you a Retailer, Wholesaler, Mail Order company, Buying group, Caterer, manufacturer or Importer or any other company/organization interested in purchasing our products? From our stockists page you can see which countries we already supply, and we may be able to help you quickly with our current distribution. We would be most interested in developing 'partners in trade' in other countries.

Contact us

We recognize each customer requirements are different so please do not hesitate to contact us.