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So free Smooth Thin Bar

So free Smooth Thin Bar

Plamil So free Smooth Thin Bar

  • less than 4% sugars
  • milk free - tastes like milk chocolate
  • new exclusive recipe
  • made by the original vegan pioneers
  • multi-award winning manufacturers

Plamil So free Smooth has the taste of milk chocolate without dairy and with less than 4% sugars and is being launched early in 2019.

Order here or, if you can’t find it yet on your favourite shelf, ask at the till for it! Smooth will be found with other no added sugar chocolate bars, as we don't add the 4% sugars - they are all natural!

Less than 4% sugars

A new milky style bar has been developed that has only naturally occurring sugars. It is a deliciously smooth gluten and milk free thin bar. It is also made in a strictly no nut environment.

You may ask what does sugar free chocolate or no added sugar chocolate describe? Or, how do we get our Smooth bar to taste so much better than both many dairy free 'milk' chocolate and no added sugar milk chocolate and with less than 4% sugars? The answer is all about your pleasure and our hard work! We carefully select cocoa and coconut and use an exclusive new recipe we developed over a long period of time

Multi-award winning vegan pioneers

As a leading innovator in the Free From, No Added Sugar market, at Plamil we have been multi-award winning vegan pioneers since the 1950's.

With production facilities in Folkestone Kent, we are the UK's oldest Vegan company and are now adding to our already vast range of Plamil So free chocolate by introducing this fantastic tasting bar.

Adrian Ling, Managing Director of Plamil Foods says:
"We are so excited at having yet another first to market with this non-dairy, no added sugar milky alternative with less than 4% sugars per 100g, which is far lower than other no added sugar milk chocolate bars in the market today. We conducted many trials using our UTZ sustainably sourced cocoa and coconut to achieve a delicious smooth 'milky' taste and texture. This bar sits so well alongside our other No Added Sugar chocolate bars."

Ground-breaking product launch

Plamil launched this bar at ISM, the World's largest trade fair for snacks and sweets in Cologne.

Plamil So free Smooth is so new it may take a few weeks to get to your favourite shelf, or you can order here now.

All of Plamil's So free bars are made using certified sustainably sourced cocoa, the factory is powered by 100% renewable energy and all products are dairy free, gluten free and vegan.

The bar could sit perfectly alongside other So Free dairy free bars such as the Organic Milky style and Organic White alternative or with the main chocolate fixture alongside other no added sugar So free bars such as No Added Sugar Dark and the award winning No Added Sugar Dark Espresso Chocolate.

More details

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