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Vegan Events

School Open Day, Eastbourne

Plamil... ...many thanks for the samples. The school open day was a great success.

Report courtesy of Bill @ Eastbourne.

'Go Green Week' Food Event, University of Worcester

For Go Green Week at the University of Worcester there was a day (7th February 2012) dedicated to sustainable fruit & vegetable boxes as well as fair-trade and vegan food. The vegan food (such as pasties, burgers, Plamil chocolate and mayo) was handed out around campus along with a selection of Vegan Society literature to get people to consider going vegan as part of a green lifestyle, as well as for the ethical reasons.

The food samples went down very well after some apprehension from students who thought the food would not be tasty because it was vegan. After trying the Plamil orange and cranberry chocolate students gave some very positive feedback and happily took some of the literature. All in the all the event was very successful in promoting veganism, and this was made easier thanks to the wonderful products Plamil create!

Report courtesy of University of Worcester students.

Bristol's Cruelty-Free Festive Fair

Bristol Animal Rights Collective held a very successful Cruelty-Free Festive Fair on Saturday 10th December 2011. The Fair organisers chose 10th December in order to celebrate International Animal Rights Day. About 550 people attended the event, which featured film, talks, cookery demonstrations and a nutrition survey.

Visitors to the Fair were able to sample fresh vegan food, from a range a vegan caterers. Packaged vegan foods and ethical festive gifts were also on sale. The tombola included a number of Plamil products, such as no added sugar chocolate bars, chocolate spread and egg free mayonnaise.

Report courtesy of Bristol Animal Rights Collective.

Vegan Sampling Stall at the Leeds Summat Gathering

Many thanks for sending your gorgeous organic chocolate for the LeedsVeg food sample stall at the Summat event at Leeds University Union on Sat 26th November 2011. The organisers reckon that over 1300 people came. As well as being taken from the stall, the chocolate was sent around the event on a tray to give everyone a chance to have some. It went down very well.

Report courtesy of Leeds Veggie and Vegan Society.

Twickenham Vegan Food Fayre

Visitors to Twickenham and North Surrey Vegetarians and Vegans' free Vegan Food Fayre on Saturday, 29 October 2011, were treated to an impressive spread of international vegan cuisine prepared by volunteers, as well as delicacies supplied by local restaurants. Many of the dishes were prepared using free samples, including those generously provided by Plamil.

There were a few stalls and a raffle with super prizes, including toiletries and vegan meal vouchers. One visitor commented, "I think it’s wonderful this was put on today... it has given many people lots to think about! Thank you." Several expressed their intention to reduce their meat and dairy consumption as a result of attending the Food Fayre. Visitors were given a list of vegan-friendly places to shop and eat in the local area and many opted to sign up to receive emails about the group's activities, plus recipes for some of the food on offer.

We would like give a big thank you to Plamil who helped make this event possible.

Report courtesy of Twickenham and North Surrey Vegetarians and Vegans.

Plymouth Vegan Fayre

On the 1st October 2011 the newly formed Plymouth Vegans held their first ever event to promote a cruelty free lifestyle.

Plamil foods kindly donated samples of their chocolate range and as well as offering these samples as tasters, several different deserts and a chocolate fudge was made to show how versatile their product can be. This proved to be a very popular stall and combined with a Raffle and a Tombola, the whole event was deemed to be a tremendous success. Many thanks to Plamil Foods for their support.

Report courtesy of Plymouth Vegans.

Vegan Stall at Summerfest, Church Stretton

A really big thank you for donating samples for Summerfest on the 11 June 2011. This was the first time we ran a vegan stall in Church Stretton and it was a huge success. We reached around 180 people who were very surprised and impressed with the quality and taste of the food.

Plamil's 'milk' chocolate went down a treat, as did the various flavoured dark chocolate, especially Orange with Cranbury. This was used around the festival to encourage people to go and try some other things and gave us a chance to explain some of the problems of consuming cows milk - information that people were surprisingly ready to accept.

Report courtesy of South Shropshire Veggies.

Tarporley Health Store 5th Birthday

We had a great day celebrating our 5th birthday on Saturday 18th June 2011, even though we had heavy showers in the morning. Customers had a large variety of samples to choose from to put into their bags, including samples of Plamil chocolate. We sold raffle tickets and many customers made donations. In total we raised £290 for Help For Heroes. Thank you for your support.

Report courtesy of Tarporley Health Store.

Jain Community Vegan Awareness Event

Vegan education group Jain Vegans held two vegan awareness raising events for the Jain community on 19th and 27th March 2011. The events were successful and the Plamil chocolates and soya milk played a vital role in letting visitors know about the great dairy-free products available. We made it known that the chocolates and soya milk were kindly donated by Plamil. We also advised visitors where they could purchase such products. Our sincere thanks go to Plamil for supporting these events.

Report courtesy of Jain Vegans.

London Covent Garden Vegan Food Tasting

Animal Equality held their second vegan food tasting event in Covent Garden last Sunday 20 March, bringing Plamil onto the streets of the capital. Huge interest from passers-by meant that the first samples brought out quickly disappeared from the hands of volunteers, and soon a crowd formed to try the tasty treats on offer.

People were surprised and delighted at the taste, many exclaiming that they couldn't believe the Plamil mayonnaise was vegan. Animal Equality volunteers explained the ethical reasons for following a vegan lifestyle, and also pointed out that today a vegan diet is varied and tasty, proven to be healthy, and that even mainstream supermarkets now carry vegan alternatives for everything from sausages to ice-cream.

Several people wanted to know if they could buy the products at our stall - which was not possible - but leaflets were on hand with more information on the products and where to buy them.

Animal Equality wishes to thank Plamil for their help in donating food for this successful event.

Report courtesy of Animal Equality.

Leicester Green Light Festival

Leicestershire Vegetarian and Vegan Group were lucky enough to be invited by Transition Leicester to have a stall at The Greenlight Festival at De Montfort University on February 12th 2011. It was a great day with over 700 people attending.

We were able to give out samples of Vegan food and Plamil very kindly donated some of their wonderful chocolate with cranberries for people to taste. There were no negative comments - in fact people came back for more. We would like to say a big thank you for their support.

We were also able to help animal sanctuaries with the £200 made from donations on the day. We look forward again to spreading the vegan message at their next Festival in 2012.

Report courtesy of Leicestershire Vegetarian & Vegan Group.

Bristol Vegan Chocolate Tasting Evening

Once again, a great time was had by all at the return of the Vegan Chocolate Tasting Evening (due to chocular demand!) on 25th January 2011. The evening included a demonstration on how to make a vegan chocolate mousse. Thanks to Plamil for their kind donation. We raised a good couple of hundred quid for Retreat Animal Rescue. Nice one to all who helped out or came!

Report courtesy of Bristol Animal Rights Collective.

Dulwich Vegan Chocolate Tasting Evening

The Dulwich Vegan and Vegetarian Society met in the Blue Brick cafe on the evening of 24th January 2011 for food and discussions about veganism in Dulwich. Plamil very kindly donated a huge selection of chocolate for the event. Fifteen people attended and everyone was very pleased with the chocolate, and Plamil as an organisation. The chocolate of choice was the Dark Chocolate, 72%, which is great both for eating by itself and using for icing on cakes. Thank you once again for supporting this event and we wish Plamil all the success of the new year.

Report courtesy of Dulwich Vegan and Vegetarian Society.

Northants Christmas Vegan Food and Cruelty Free Fayre

Around 400 attended this free fayre held on Saturday 11th December 2010. It featured stalls, a vegan cafe with delicious vegan food and two tables piled high with yummy vegan food tasters. The fayre was sponsored by several groups and companies who, by their generous support, helped ensure that the fayre took place, including Plamil who provided mayo and chocolate spread samples.

As well as recipes, the guide produced for the day included information about the reasons for going vegan, and a 'Vegan Toolbox' (a guide to going vegan) which included links to resources such as the vegan pledge and more recipes.

There was very positive feedback on all the food with many requests for the recipes which were available throughout the cafe area. Judy from Northampton summed it up: "Really enjoyed the food, it was excellent."

Report courtesy of the organisers: Green Garden Cafe and Fairfoods in conjunction with NARN - Northants Animal Campaigning Group. Full report (PDF).

Christmas Vegan Sampling Stall in Liverpool

Despite the weather a great day was had on Saturday 4th December 2010 in Liverpool City centre, Merseyside Animal Rights held a Christmas stall in which we gave out leaflets, recipes and goodies bags. We also had vegan Christmas dinner at Food from Nowhere based at the Liverpool Social Centre on Bold Street in which we also held a raffle. The samples were received well from the merry shoppers of Liverpool and lots of awareness raising was done with our Turkey leaflets. We would like to say a special thanks to Plamil who kindly donated samples.

Report courtesy of Merseyside Animal Rights.

Cornwall Vegan Food Fayre

Cornwall’s first ever vegan fayre on 20th November 2010 was a resounding success, with over 300 people attending and enjoying the extensive range of delicious vegan food. So much so that, despite the vast quantity donated and prepared, much of the food had run out by 2pm!

As well as generous free samples from top vegan brands such as Plamil, local cafes and caterers also participated in the event and contributed a wealth of gourmet vegan delights. Sugar and gluten free foods were also available including gluten free cakes and biscuits and a range of Plamil's sugar free chocolates. The fine food was complemented by a relaxing café feel, with a seating area full of comfy chairs and cushions, candles and music. This allowed people the opportunity to enjoy their food and browse literature from the various local groups including the organisers Cornwall Animal Action, Tamar Valley Vegans social group, the Vegan Society and information from various local environmental initiatives.

Report courtesy of Cornwall Animal Action.

Derby World Vegan Day Event

Derby Animal Rights held a free food give-away in Derby City Centre, outside the McDonald's at St. Peters Street to mark world vegan day.

Free vegan food samples was given out to passers by, along with information and vegan recipes.

The 'give-away' included a range of sweet and savoury foods for people to try, including food kindly donated by Plamil, Fry's and Provamil as-well as food bought and made by volunteers.

In an interesting development. McDonalds rang the police, only to later see a policeman try some vegan sausage roll and leave.

Report courtesy of Derby Animal Rights & Derby Vegan Campaigns.

Bristol Free Vegan Food Fair

The second Bristol Free Food Fair took place recently, on Saturday 30th October, and like the last fair a year ago was a great success.

Over 700 people visited the Fair which took place in a large city centre church and filling both of its two large halls. In the food hall a diverse range of volunteer homemade cooked food. Amongst the donated foods, Plamil gave a generous selection of their products to the Fair.

Local cafes and restaurants generously donated some of their dishes to the fair. Such donated food included Indian and Chinese traditional vegan dishes.

In addition to the vegan food hall, there was a non food hall with 20 or more stall holders from a range of organisations and groups, including The Vegan Society and VIVA! In other parts of the church building, cookery demos took place as well as films and talks. There was even a nutrition surgery offering personal advice to visitors on the vegan diet.

Many of the visitors completed the fair’s evaluation form which made interesting reading. The majority of the non vegan visitors stated that they intended to eat more vegan food as a result of attending the event. All visitors completed the form found the fair enjoyable and thought provoking and urged the organisers to put the fair on again next year!

Report courtesy of Bristol Animal Rights Collective/Vegan Fair Planning Group.

Abundant Taunton Event

Taunton Vegans and Vegetarians had another successful outreach stall on 2nd October 2010 with lots of tasty vegan snacks being given away at Taunton Transition Town's Abundant Taunton Event. TVV were there to offer information on moving towards a more plant-based diet, using fewer resources than that of an animal-based one.

Report courtesy of Taunton Vegans and Vegetarians.

The Bath Vegan Fayre 2010: "Fayre Play"

Campaigners and volunteers with Bath Animal Action are pleased to announce that the Bath Vegan Fayre 2010 event went swimmingly on Saturday the 4th of September, with over 150 happy punters passing through the doors.

Held at Manvers Street Baptist Church in the city centre, a moment's walk from the train and bus stations, the event lasted from 12 til 4pm. Otherwise, the second annual free food event followed much the same pattern as the previous year - with a dazzling array of steaming soups, chillies, rice dishes and lovingly-tended vegetable delicacies filling the bowls of queues of hungry fayre-goers, alongside a mouth-watering spread of cakes, cookies, snacks and ethnic desserts. The tea and fruit juices flowed like never before, whilst the tables were filled with relaxed conversation and ingested education. As well as the over-burdened information tables (with everything from nutrition, environmental ethics, recipes, animal rights, medical science and updates for campaigns against zoos, hunters, foie gras outlets and animal-testing laboratories), free samples table, reading corner and children's area, there was also a prize raffle – the cause of some excitement. By the end of the day, many a happy visitor was heard singing the praises of the food, including the immortal words: "I had no idea vegan food could taste this good!"

Special thanks go to Plamil Foods, for their kind donation of mountains of chocolate - from their dairy-free orange chocolate, mint chocolate, dark chocolate and orange chocolate with cranberries ranges, as well as chocolate and chocolate orange spreads, and egg-free mayo.

Report courtesy of Bath Animal Action.

Southampton Summer Tea Party at Lush

One weekend in late June we held our Summer Tea Party - an informal event promoting other organisations who have simular ethics to our own. Over 400 people came in for a cup of tea, to try some vegan foods and to get information on leading a greener life. It was a big success and we would like to say thank-you to Plamil for helping us out.

Report courtesy of Lush Southampton.

Bristol Vegan Chocolate Tasting Evening

Thanks to those of you who came along to enjoy the vegan chocolate tasting evening on 22nd June 2010. We raised approximately £80 to go towards the free vegan food fair in October, and had lots of fun! In addition to some very naughty chocolaty treats, there were some sugar free and healthier chocolaty samples too.

Report courtesy of Bristol Animal Rights Collective.

Wolverhampton Vegan Fair

Wolverhampton Vegans and Vegetarians Food Fair 2010 was an immense success with about 250 people sampling the wide range of products.

We enticed people into the event by offering chocolate tastings on the street outside, and the Plamil organic rum and raisin and the organic cranberry and orange chocolate were the stars of the show!

Report courtesy of Wolverhampton Vegetarians and Vegans.

Taunton Vegan Food Fayre

On Saturday 10th April 2010, FairFoods and Green Garden Cafe staged together their first Vegan Food Fayre. Visitors wasted no time helping themselves into the vast amount of food available, including samples from Plamil.

Free printed recipes were available enabling people to try out cooking the same yummy food at home that was available at the fayre. There was also an array of leaflets, factsheets detailing all the reasons why animal friendly free diets are the most compassionate, ethical, eco-friendly and healthy of all.

Questionnaires were handed to visitors asking for their comments about the food fayre. 75% said it was excellent and 15% said it was good! One visitor commented, ‘This was a great event, made vegan food seem accessible and ‘normal’ - easy even... Thank you so much.’

Report courtesy of Fairfoods and Green Garden Cafe.

The Vegan Pledge - run by Vegan Campaigns

At the Vegan Pledge in January 2010, 43 people pledged to go vegan for one month. The participants attended an introductory meeting which included a talk on vegan nutrition, cookery demonstrations, a vegan buffet and basic health check. They also met their vegan buddy who was on hand throughout the month to give support and advice, and were given an information pack which included recipes and information about vegan living.

One month later the participants came back for a similar meeting where they also discussed their experiences and the basic health check was repeated. At the end of this meeting they were given a goody bag containing vegan products (including items from the Plamil range).

The before and after health checks showed an overall improvement in health. 26 (60%) participants said they would remain vegan, 14 (33%) said they were now almost vegan or cutting down on animal products.

Report courtesy of Vegan Campaigns.