Plamil Foods Ltd

Renewable Energy

The Plamil factory

First chocolate factory to be powered by 100% renewable electricity!

Did you know that our Plamil factory, where all those delicious vegan products are made, is powered by renewable energy?

Despite the gentle processes we use to make our products it takes quite a lot of electricity to transform ingredients such as cocoa beans into the finest, tastiest dairy free, organic, and no added sugar chocolate bars.

Not to mention all that whizzing and blending of ingredients to make the finest egg free mayo! Everything from the office computers to fork lift trucks, from the largest mixing machines, heaters, coolers and packing machines to the kitchen tea kettle.

Managing Director Adrian Ling says:

We had been assessing our carbon footprint and what we can do to minimise our impact. It was decided rather than try to offset the carbon footprint of our office, production and warehouse, we would actually use power from 100% renewable electricity.

I think we are the first chocolate factory to be powered in such a way. The power costs more to purchase, but it is so good to know that all the products we make are being made using such an environmentally good power source.

We are striving to be even more environmental in all aspects of our business, but this is a fantastic and unprecedented start.

So not only are the Plamil vegan products ethically made, they're made in the most environmental way possible as well!