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Memorial Award 2009

Tim Barford in action!

 Tim Barford of Yaoh on stage at O2!

2009 Arthur Ling Memorial Award

Each year an individual or group is awarded the Arthur Ling Memorial Award, for outstanding contribution to Veganism. Previous award winners include Sandra Hood, Dr Dan Lyons and Patrick Smith.

The 2009 award sponsored by Plamil Foods goes to Tim Barford of Yaoh, Bristol, for his outstanding contribution of bringing Veganism to so many through his organisation of regional public shows. Tim’s enthusiasm, dedication and friendly approach has and is an inspiration to many to ‘get out there’, hold events/shows and promote veganism at ground level.

Tim's comments: ‘This award has helped put in perspective the highs and lows, the achievements and failures of this past year. One of the best things about an award like this is it acts as an inspiration to achieve further!’

Arthur Ling’s son Adrian, now MD at Plamil said:

The explosion of vegan ‘one day’ events held all over the country in the last couple of years, undertaken on a local basis, for local people, is a testament to the energy Tim gives to his events and has been an inspiration to others to do the same. I knew my father thought very highly of Tim, his tireless work and cheerful manner!

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