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Memorial Award 2008

Pat in action

Patrick Smith, who has been recognised for his outstanding contribution to Veganism.

2008 Arthur Ling Memorial Award

Each year an individual or group is awarded the Arthur Ling Memorial Award, for outstanding contribution to Veganism. Previous award winners include Sandra Hood, and Dr Dan Lyons.

The 2008 award sponsored by Plamil Foods goes to Patrick Smith of Veggies Catering Campaign in Nottingham, for his outstanding contribution to bring quality Vegan food to the masses through Veggies Catering Services. Pat’s energy and enthusiasm is as renowned as the vegan food Veggies provides is famously tasty!

One of the many projects that Pat undertakes is the Vegan Business Connection, which was originally founded many years ago under a different name Vegan Business Proprietors by Arthur Ling. Then it connected 5 independent vegan shop proprietors with each other, but now under Pats stewardship the VBC has over 300 members and is growing in strength all the time.

In a typical style of modesty Pats first reaction on hearing the news was that ‘the Award should go to all of the Veggies team that works with me so tirelessly’!

Arthur Ling’s son Adrian, now MD at Plamil said:

Pat’s involved in so many aspects of veganism his dedication is hard to beat. Veggies can be found at so many vegan, eco, and other events promoting veganism in the most practical way there can be, showing to everyone vegan food can be the tastiest meal ever eaten! I’m proud to recognise all of Pat’s work in the form of this Award.

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