Plamil Foods Ltd

Memorial Award 2007

Adrian Ling, Dan Lyons, Harold Atkinson

Plamil's Adrian Ling and Harold Atkinson present the 2007 Arthur Ling Memorial Award to Dr Dan Lyons (centre)

2007 Arthur Ling Memorial Award

This year the Arthur Ling Memorial Award sponsored by Plamil Foods was awarded to Dr Dan Lyons from the anti animal testing campaigns group Uncaged in Sheffield.

Adrian Ling who runs Plamil Foods initiated the award in memory of his late father, Arthur Ling, who was often himself described as a vegan pioneer. Arthur Ling's lifelong dedication to veganism led the way to providing alternatives to dairy products with Plamil's introduction of soya milk and dairy free chocolate to consumers in the 1960's. The first Arthur Ling Memorial Award sponsored by Plamil was presented in 2006 to Sandra Hood, a dietician with Foods for Life who wrote "Raising your vegan infant - with confidence".

Adrian Ling said:

The Award is the best way to celebrate my father's spirit of innovation and also encourage, publicise and reward dedicated people or groups who make an outstanding contribution to veganism, animal welfare and the environment.

This year's 2007 Award was presented to Dr Dan Lyons at the Animal Aid Christmas Fayre in Kensington, on the 2nd December. Earlier in 2007 Dr Lyons achieved a pioneering PhD for his research into the evolution of British animal research policy. This establishes Dr Lyons as one of the country's leading authorities on the politics of animal experimentation, giving an enormous potential benefit to Uncaged and the anti-vivisection movement, which has at times been portrayed as ill informed, but Dr Lyons' PhD status will give clear and new credibility to the legal fight against animal experimentation.

Dr Dan Lyons is a Director of Uncaged Campaigns, 9 Bailey Lane, Sheffield, S1 4EG. Tel: 0114 2722220. and