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Plamil organic soya alternative to milk

Plamil Alternative to Milk

Plamil organic soya alternative to milk

Some vegan brands are owned by non-vegan companies with interests in meat or dairy. Plamil’s Organic soya is a Best Buy recommendation from Ethical Consumer magazine in February 2020. For full results see Ethical Consumer.

Plamil (then Plantmilk Ltd) was created in 1964 to manufacture a non-dairy alternative to milk. After considerable research Plamil was the first company to widely sell/distribute soya alternative milk in the UK. Today we manufacture a whole range of non-dairy products, but continue with traditional organic soya which is a high quality alternative to dairy milk.

It is simply made, from the finest organic soya beans and water giving a pure taste ideal for use:

  • on cereals
  • in tea
  • replacing dairy milk in cooking
  • or simply great for drinking

A best buy!

Plamil's alternative to dairy milk was top of the Ethical Consumer Buyers Guide to Soya & Non-Dairy Milk and voted a soya milk best buy in Nov/Dec 2012.

Certified organic

Plamil are against the use of genetically modified ingredients so we use only selected organic soya beans certified by Ecocert. This certification ensures the use of non genetically modified soya beans.

Good for you

The inclusion of at least 25g of soya protein per day as a part of a diet low in saturated fat can help to reduce cholesterol in the blood. There is on average 32g of soya protein in every litre of our product. And, of course, as you would expect our product contains:

  • no lactose or cholesterol
  • no added sugar, sweetener or salt
  • it's free from artificial colourings or flavourings
  • it's low in saturated fat

Just for your information: For many years the description Soya Milk was used, and still is verbally used by many today. But EC labelling regulations decided the wider description of 'Soya alternative to dairy milk' was a more accurate one.

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Organic Soya Milk

Organic Soya Milk

Simply made with European Organic soya beans and water. Nothing else. 
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