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Plamil dairy free chocolate

Plamil Chocolate

Plamil dairy free chocolate

Plamil has been combining ethics and making chocolate for decades. All our chocolates are dairy free and gluten free, and produced in our own 'no nuts' factory.

Our extensive 'free from' chocolate range listed below has something for everyone and can all be purchased online.

Dairy free chocolate

Our ever popular and fantastically tasty bars together with our free from chocolate drops. Includes our dairy free no milk chocolate, for that dairy taste without milk! See dairy free chocolate.

No added sugar chocolate

Our 'no added sugar' bars use the sweetness of Xylitol. Xylitol is a well-known ingredient to most diabetics. Xylitol and is known to have benefits in oral health and therefore ideal for those who do not want sugar replaced by chemical alternatives. See our full range of no added sugar chocolate.

Organic chocolate

We have been making organic chocolate for over 15 years and have a wide range of superbly refined chocolates and organic flavours, in different cocoa percentage contents, for you to choose from. Find out more about our organic chocolate range.

Plamil So free chocolate

Our latest range! No milk, gluten free, vegan. 100% plant power. Certified organic chocolate bars. Ethically made by Plamil with renewable energy. Check out Plamil So free chocolate bars.

Seasonal chocolate

We have a number of Easter and Christmas items, including Easter eggs, half eggs, and 'The advent calendar! See seasonal chocolate.

Baking chocolate

Specially formulated chocolate drops that are ideal for cooking and baking, or just for a snack! Our baking chocolate is packed in 1kg and larger catering pack sizes, as well as 175g pouches. Check out our larger chocolate pack sizes in catering.

The Plamil guarantee

Our velvety textured, superb tasting chocolates do not contain any dairy ingredient nor are any used in production as a processing aid. So they're suitable for those allergic to dairy milk chocolate as well as vegans and vegetarians.

Why 'alternative to' on some chocolates?

You may ask, "Why do some of Plamil’s chocolates say 'alternative to' on the labels?". Well, a couple of decades ago the men in grey suits in the EC decided to list soya as an ingredient that would not be allowed in chocolate when describing chocolate in the chocolate labelling regulations! Not surprisingly this went unnoticed for a few decades. Considered as 'daft' by nearly all that now see the regulation, it's still the regulation, so we have to lawfully describe varieties that contain soya, as an ingredient, as 'alternative to' although it has more chocolate in it than many dairy milk chocolate bars! All questions to the men in grey suits please...


We love making fine chocolate with the good nutritional properties of cocoa, and it's a delicate process, with our top temperatures typically only reaching about 46 degrees centigrade. Our bars are not made with cocoa ingredients, sometimes described as 'raw'. We would be pleased to receive any offer with product specification that could guarantee continuous and safe, quality cocoa supply that was produced at low temperatures from tree to usable ingredient.

To purchase online browse through the products section.