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Vegan Trademark

Vegan Trademark

Plamil Vegan TrademarkPlamil Foods created the Plamil vegan logo in 2008 to meet the demand of consumers requiring a visual symbolic reassurance that the vegan product they purchase has been made to the highest vegan standard and does not have the possibility of contamination.

Plamil own the worldwide copyright to this symbol and Trademark No UK 00003062646

Plamil Vegan TrademarkWhat is the difference between most Vegan Trademarks and Plamil Vegan Trademark?

Many other Vegan Trademarks are allowed to be used on products from Licence providers that, after assessment by the producer it is concluded that a particular finished product is required to make a statement to the effect that the product could contain milk, eggs or fish.

It has been demonstrated that this contamination can be, not tiny or insignificant quantities as many Licence providers consider, but significant quantities which most vegan consumers would not wish for, if that information was provided.

By using the standards of assessment for allergens, such as declarable in the EU, vegans can be assured that potential contamination from other non allergen non vegan ingredients are also assessed in a similar way.

Consumers can therefore be assured across the world that the highest standards have been applied in the production of products with the Plamil Vegan Trademark.