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Lots of This None of That chocolate

Lots of This None of That

Lots of This None of That chocolate

Although many popular varieties of dairy free 'milky' chocolates are often marketed to children, they contain more sugar than most varieties of chocolate. In a time when the reduction of sugar is recommended for good health reasons, most parents are looking to reduce the sugar consumed by the family and especially their children. Fortunately this is now possible, with this great tasting alternative.

Lots of This None of That is a scrumptious dairy free 'milky' chocolate bar that amazingly has reduced sugar and is also gluten and nut free. A 30g bar of Lots of This None of That still contains less sugar than 20g of similar product. Produced by Plamil, the highest ranked Ethical chocolate manufacturer, Lots of This None of That is made using renewable energy. This revolutionary new bar is the future for dairy free chocolate. The cocoa is certified under the UTZ Certified sustainability programme.

Plamil, the oldest vegan company in the UK, has been pioneering new products for over fifty years, and making dairy free chocolate since 1983.

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