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Vegan Flag

Adrian Ling Vegan Flag

Vegan Flag - Why it's time for a Vegan Flag!

As a dedicated lifelong vegan I have been part of the 'vegan world' for over half a century. In that time I have been involved with the UK Vegan Society and now I am the Managing Director of Plamil Foods Ltd.

Plamil's roots were formed at the start of the Vegan Society. In August 2016 I had the idea that 'Vegan' as a concept should have its own recognisable flag; a combination of colours, to be used freely by all. A flag to promote Vegan by organisations and individuals in all possible ways, under any circumstance.

Adrian Ling: I thought, most people know what the 'rainbow' flag symbolises, so Vegan should have an equally recognisable flag.

The basis of design was to keep it simple and easy to reproduce on material (flag), in print or in social media.

This Vegan flag is carefully designed, but in itself does not carry a 'message' in word or design other than being recognisable. People can add to the flag, refine it in detail or personalise it according to their own wishes.

Vegan Flag

  • The message and celebration is of Vegan
  • Easily recognisable
  • To be freely used by all at anytime
  • Promote Vegan, so let's promote Vegan in colour!
Download the Vegan Flag

Adrian Ling, Folkestone, August 2016