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New products

Rum & Raisin luxury organic chocolateNo Added Sugar alternative to milk chocolateOrganic egg free rice mayonnaiseCranberry and Orange luxury organic chocolate

New Products

Rum and Raisin Organic Chocolate

Plamils new scrumptious luxury Rum & Raisin organic chocolate, made from farm co-operative cocoa, joins the premium range of Plamil’s luxury organic chocolates, just rated by independent magazine Foods Matter (March 2009) as the best tasting chocolate.

Updated 08.05.09

No Added Sugar Alternative to Milk Chocolate

Plamil further combines ‘free from’ and ethics within its No Added Sugar chocolate range, which is now extended to include a fab tasting alternative to milk chocolate. Amazing! All the taste of dairy milk but with no dairy or sugar!

Updated 08.05.09

Organic Egg Free Rice Mayo

As a delicious alternative to the soya based egg free mayo, Plamil introduces a rice-based variety of organic mayo. Ideal for those also wishing to avoid soya. As with all Plamil mayo’s this variety has a light smooth and delicious taste. Ideal for all the family.

Updated 08.05.09

Premium impulse and 'no added sugar' chocolate bars

The impulse, premium and snack bars are the first in Plamil's whole range to carry the new allergy information. We are thrilled that this will make Plamil's range of chocolates the widest range of flavours in organic, no added sugar and dairy free bars on the market with this allergy information. This will be an enormous boost to health food retailers seeking to provide for customers allergy needs.

The first range of impulse purchase organic and no added sugar bars to be made in a 'no nut' controlled environment will be available in shops from May 2008.

Plamil's new range includes an impulse purchase bar in the darkest organic 87% cocoa chocolate; sumptuous and unique premium organic chocolates; and snack-size 'no added sugar' chocolate bars all packed in biodegradable packaging.

The 'no nuts used here' production has been achieved through, amongst other things, independent advice; a sustained period under new controlled conditions at Plamil's own factory; and independent testing of finished product.

Plamil's products are tested to the most stringent levels, detecting to one part per million, and the allergy information given on the retail packs is in line with current nut allergy labelling recommendations of not stating 'free from'. Plamil's other products, made in the same factory, will change packaging on new label print runs over the next few months to carry the new nut allergy information.

  • New snack bar size!
  • Darkest, richest, organic 87% cocoa chocolate
  • Delicious, healthy cranberries in scrumptious orange chocolate
  • Unique dark and white chocolate combination
  • Specially wrapped in biodegradable packaging
  • 'No added sugar' chocolate with 72% cocoa
  • Dairy and gluten free
  • Made in our own no nut controlled factory

The new products are available through our stockists, or buy online now in the shopping section.