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Plamil Carob Bars


Now there are dairy free carob bars made without hydrogenated fat! For centuries in the Mediterranean region carob pods have been widely enjoyed for their nutritional benefits and natural sweetness. Plamil blend their new carob bars to have a mild 'chocolaty' taste using cocoa butter (natural cocoa fat), which provides that distinctive 'bite' without containing elements in chocolate known to trigger migraines.

There are two varieties of the new carob bars naturally packed with many natural vitamin and mineral nutrients from the carob pods. As carob is naturally much sweeter than cocoa far less sugar need be added compared with chocolate. The new Carob 'no hydrogenated fat' contains only 10% added sugar (that's about 30% of the added sugar in a 70% cocoa chocolate bar). The Carob 'no added sugar' or hydrogenated variety has no sweetening ingredient at all!

What is carob?

Carob pods are the fruit of the carob tree. Carob pods grow to 12 inches long. If you bite into a ripe carob, you will almost certainly enjoy it's semi-sweet, mild flavour. It is rich in vitamins and minerals and contains no caffeine (theo-bromine), or oxalic acid. The carob seeds are removed (they go to make a different food ingredient) and the actual pods are ground into powder and roasted to make carob powder.

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