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Plamil have been making products since 1965, originally soya 'milk' for those that wanted to avoid dairy milk. Since that time the range has expanded considerably, but we still make products in our own factory, which never uses dairy/animal ingredients.

Today 'allergy management' is at the heart of how we make our products. For those that wish to avoid many ingredients, for instance dairy or nuts, either due to allergy or for ethical/religious reasons the 'exclusion from the production site' is more clearly defined and understood.

Over the years we have produced millions of bars/products to satisfied customers, wishing to avoid a whole variety of ingredients, but still wanting to enjoy tasty food. With such positive customer feedback we are so pleased to make so many people happy.

Using label information

Plamil produce products which are sought by a wide range of consumers, many of which seek to avoid a whole range of ingredients for ethical, religious, nutritionally intolerant or allergic. Each year this list of ingredients that consumers wish to avoid for all of these reasons grows.

Whilst we produce fantastic products, technically these are described as 'normal' foods, i.e. not 'parnut' foods - those specifically formulated, for instance for coeliac - that is to say our products would not be expected to contain wheat/gluten as an ingredient as equally they would not be expected to contain, nor do they, many other nutrients or ingredients.

The allergen quick reference guide lists only the allergens that are present as per current regulations, where the absence of such information is governed by a statistical limit. In summary we are providing positive information to consumers of what is in our products from both ingredient and allergy information box.

Our labels also carry our very special vegan logo, and also our 'no nuts used here' product logo and information.

You can now see individual product information, on the back label of each product or use our quick reference allergy guide.

Plamil vegan logo

We use our own special vegan trademark. With our vegan logo, we adhere to the UK Food Standards Agency Labelling regulations in respect of 'vegan' and declarations of what is 'suitable for vegans' (unlike the current UK Vegan Society's trademark), so you will never find a declaration 'may contain milk, eggs, fish' on our products. Our labelling is very straightforward and helpful to all those following an ethical, vegan or 'animal rights' lifestyle.

'No nuts used here' and 'free from'

Due to particular properties of nuts, the up-to-date nut allergy labelling recommendation is to avoid stating 'free from nuts' or 'nut free' or similar.

Our whole production facility is nut controlled, there is no segregated production facilities, storage areas or need for special 'no nut zones', but strict controls on every aspect of the business.

Some of the steps, but by no means the only things we do:

  • Allergy Management System.
  • Strict purchasing criteria and controls on all aspects of our business.
  • Testing of production lines and use of accredited laboratories to test finished products.
  • Dedicated trained staff.

Therefore the allergy information given on our retail packs:

"manufactured under controlled conditions in our own factory in which no nuts are ever used".

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